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Tucked away in the Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the most beautiful yet remote countries in the world. Once secretive and closed nation has opened its doors to limited tourism only three decades ago. Tourism in Bhutan is still regulated through a policy of high value tourism. At this time and age when tourism most often dictates national economics, travel to Bhutan is still a refreshing experience. Here, a deeply ingrained sense of hospitality, a world-class natural environment and a living culture ensures every traveler the best that any nation has to offer. Trip to Bhutan is really an exploration.

Visit Bhutan and explore a tradition and culture that has been preserved through the centuries. In Bhutan, it is not about seeing a display showcased for tourists but living and sharing an experience with the Bhutanese. From religious festivals to a celebration on a farm or a game of archery, become a part of it all. Travelling to Bhutan is truly interactive.

It’s an exotic place out here. Come and tour Bhutan with us!

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There's plenty to do, whether it's trekking, cultural, festival, adventure and nature, hiking and walking, or getting out on the water. Explore the trips and plan your next incredible adventure.

Trekking & Wilderness

To enjoy the beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna and majestic views of Himalayan peaks, there is no better way than trekking in Bhutan. Our treks range from 5-day soothing walk through idyllic hamlets to most arduous 24-day high altitude trek going above 5000 meters.

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Adventure & Nature

Bhutan’s sylvan landscapes, pristine forests, crystal clear glacier-fed rivers meandering through deep canyons, fresh air, limited traffic and scenic highways provide an opportunity for wildlife discovery and all manner of exciting activities including hiking, rafting and biking.

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Festival & Dances

The Festival is a rare occasion and a living testimony to the country’s ancient past. People come dressed in their finest, families pack their best food for lunch, men and women joke and exchange tales, and children crane their necks to catch a sight of the day-long dances.

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Cultural Immersion

Our cultural tours give visitors a deep insight into a unique Himalayan culture. Bhutan’s traditional culture in the way of the cuisine, traditional dress and textiles, and the arts and crafts are still very much a way of daily life. Bhutan’s architecture is the best remaining example of an ancient living architecture.

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Hiking & Walking

If you are looking for off-the-beaten track by day and cosy lodgings by night – our hiking and walking tours are exactly for you. You’ll be hiking through forests, remote villages, mountaintop, farmlands and valleys. After such adventurous days, enjoy calm evenings in nice hotels.

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Private Day Tours

Escape from the city for an exciting day trip privately guided by our English-speaking tour leader. Walk around remote villages or to panoramic monasteries on hilltops; enjoy scenery and landscape and sit down for a delicious lunch in a local restaurant conveniently located in a lush environment.

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Just four steps, you're good to go.

Wondering how to get to Bhutan for an unforgettable tour? The following simple steps will help you engineer your trip, more smoothly.

1. Itinerary. Get Inspired.

Browse through the gallery of our expertly crafted Itineraries and see if you get inspired by any of them. If not, tell us about the trip you’re dreaming of taking. We can put together an itinerary that exceeds your hopes and expectations.

2. Dates, Flights & Hotels.

Decide on your date of travel and travel route. Accordingly, flights will be booked. All other logistics arrangements will be made for you, easily and reliably, in advance, with all details taken care of so you can relax and have a worry-free travel.

3. Payment & Visa.

At this stage, payment will be asked; either deposit or full depending on date of commencement of your trip. Once payment is made, we will send you the visa approval, based on which the actual visa will be stamped on your passport on arrival at entry point.

4. Pack. Embark to Bhutan.

You’ll receive a comprehensive final document pack comprising useful information. Now it’s time to pack (don’t forget your passport needs 6 months validity). Head to the airport and board your plane to the Land of the Thunder Dragon Kingdom.

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